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Special Exhibits > Nazi Christmas Ornaments

   Selected Exhibits
   1. NSDAP Rise to Power

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Nazi Candle Holders for festive occassions.

The National Socialist sought to recast Christmas as a Germanic celebration of the winter solstice and to make Christmas a secular holiday. Germans had traditionally referred to Christmas as Weihnachten (Holy Night), and the National Socialist adopted the name Julfest (Yuletide). Christmas' religious aspects were de-emphasized and replaced with nationalistic and pagan symbolism. The traditional names of the Christmas tree, Christbaum or Weihnachtsbaum, was renamed Jul Tree. The angle or star on the top of the tree was replaced with a swastika, a Germanic "sun wheel" or the Nordic "sig runes" used by the SS as their insignia. Some ornaments include the party salute Sieg Heil! or Heil to Victory!

These ornaments are blown glass and very fragile. They feel like egg shells. It is surprising that many of them survived the war. We have included an example of a broken tree topper and ornament that did not survive shipping in a carefully wrapped package. The Historical Trust has collected these ornaments from numerous sources to present this "Nazi Christmas Ornaments" exhibition.