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About the Collection

Historical Trust Overview
About the Collection
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The Historical Trust's collection is designed to tell the story of the Second World War in Europe through the use of visual elements that include:

  • Printed Materials - Posters, pamphlets, brochures, photographs, postcards, press releases, books, magazines, newspapers and other printed materials.
  • Souvenirs, Unique Artifacts & Every Day Household and Personal Items
  • Films - 8mm & 16mm German weekly Wochenschau newsreels and films intended for viewing on the home front and by the German armed forces.
  • Flags & Banners
  • Uniforms

The following artifacts illustrate the variety of items in the collection.

First in a series of 4 candid photographs of a German U-boat Captain drinking Champagne toasting a successful raid against allied shipping.


1938 Hitler political poster "Slogan of the Week" for April 7 to 13, commemorating the third anniversary of the Saarland plebiscite. More than 90% of the citizens voted in favor of the reunion with Germany rather than remain with Alsace-Lorraine which was annexed by France without a plebiscite.


Original 4 page movie brochure for the 1935 documentary 'Triumph des Willens' ('Triumph of the Will'). Directed by Leni Riefenstahl, the film won several awards for camerawork, direction and editing and is widely acknowledged as the greatest propaganda film of all time. The film documented the Sixth Party Rally of the National Socialists, which took place from September 4th to September 10th, 1934, in Nuremberg.
Unique Items
Official German Wehrmacht condom with paper package.

"Only for the German armed forces. Destroy immediately after use."
Press Releases
Wire Photos or News Agency Photos were extensively used in print media during the first half of the 1900's. they were issued by news agencies (such as Acme, NEA, International News, Associated Press, UPI, Fotogram, Keystone) and they were only sold to the press.
International News Photo used in American newspapers showing a military parade at a Nazi Camp opening in New Jersey, USA. Dated 7-19-1937.

"MILITARY PARADE AT OFFICIAL CAMP OPENING. ANDOVER,NJ. With American flags and Nazi swastikas fluttering side by side, a company of Ordnung Dienst, Nazi military police is shown on parade at the opening of Camp Norgeland at Andover, N.J. yesterday, July 18. Hitler and IL Duce Mussolini were lauded to the skies in the speech making, while John Llewelyn Lewis, C.I.O. head was called in effect a Communist organizer. The camp is operated by the German American Bund."