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Selected Exhibits > Winterhilfswerk
   Selected Exhibits
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The Wintershilswerk (Winter Relief) was a National Socialist charity used to fund the National Socialist People's Welfare Organization which provided financial aid to those in need. People bought tiny badges to show they have contributed and each campaign had its own unique offering. Winter Relief drives would take place in the winter months and would climax shortly before Christmas in the "Day of National Solidarity". On that occasion the leaders of the NSDAP would personally go out with their collection-boxes to show their support for the charity.

1933 BAVARIAN WINTER RELIEF CLOTHING DRIVE POSTER BY LUDWIG HOHLWEIN. Ludwig Hohlwein was a very successful German commercial artist who in 1906 began creating advertising posters. His work is highly collectable and is easily recognizable with its high tonal contrasts, brilliant colors, and a network of interlocking shapes. The women in the poster is dressed in traditional Bavarian outfit and the shields represent the numerous Bavarian cities coat of arms.

The poster reads,

"Bavarian Women and Girls. Your winter gifts come at the right time. Fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, happily perceive these as signs of the people's solidarity. Bavaria thanks you."

"WINTERHILFSWERK 1935/36" DONATION CAN WITH ORIGINAL KEY. These donation cans were distributed to Hitler Youth members who stood at doors of businesses and on the streets with their tin cans to raise money for the needy.

WINTER RELIEF POSTCARD PUBLISHED BY THE HOUSE OF GERMAN ART. The photograph is by Hoffmann and shows Hitler Youth boys soliciting contributions. One boy has a tin donation can and the other is holding the box of trinkets.

Over 8,000 different trinkets were produced from October 1933 until March 1943. These items were produced in the millions and ranged from postcards, badges, glass flowers, miniature weapons, figures of working people, flags, etc...


Plastic Hitler Jung horn; Wooden boy and girl with donation cans; Wooden badge for Schliesen; Plastic Hitler's personal standard

The Winterhilsfwerk raised about 400 million Reichs Marks each year. The production of the trinkets provided much needed employment and the funds were used to help the needy.

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