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NSDAP Rise to Power
German 1923 Inflation
German Elections
Greater German Reich
Berlin Olympics 1936
Munich Conference
Fall of France
Battle of Britain
Battle for the North Atlantic
Occupation of Europe
War in North Africa
Russian Front
America at War
German Home Front
Allied Air Campaign
Liberation of Europe
Fall of Berlin
Nuremberg War Trials



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Selected Exhibits > German Home Front
   Selected Exhibits
   1. NSDAP Rise to Power
   2. Berlin Olympics 1936
   3. Hitler Youth
   4. Winterhilfswerk
   5. Battle of Britain
   6. German Home Front
   7. America at War
   8. Russian Front
   9. Holocaust
   10. Liberation of Europe

The National Socialist regime was characterized by their political control of every aspect of society in a quest for racial (Aryan, Nordic), social and cultural purity. They controlled all aspects of society and commerce.

"VOLKSEMPFANGER KLEINEMPFANGER (DKE)" PEOPLE'S RADIO POSTCARD. These Volksempfangers were a important part of the propaganda campaign of the Third Reich. In 1933 the first volksempfanger cost 79 RM and was too expensive for most workers. It was not before 1938, with the appearance of the DKE radio, that the political regime could achieve its aim to offer economically priced radio sets for the masses. As you can see in the postcard the DKE was offered for a price of 35.00 RM.

"VOLKSEMPFANGER KLEINEMPFANGER WEGA GW110-240 VOLT" PEOPLES RADIO. The radio is made of Bakelite which was the first plastic produced from synthetic polymers.

This radio was sold by a distributor in Austria.

"DER NEUE WEHRMACHT BAUKASTERN" CHILDREN'S BLOCKS. Wooden container with blocks to build Wehrmacht (Armed Forces) barracks, complete with guard station and entrance.

CHILDREN'S READING MATERIAL FOR "THE SCHOOL IN THE THIRD REICH". This collection of pamphlets promotes the NSDAP's ideology, including:

#11 Race Book for the Hitler Youth
#22 The Enemy in our Land
#25 What Every Child Must Know About National Socialism
#48 Our Hitler Youth
#58 The Fuhrer Speaks to the German Youth




    Make it Dark

    GERMAN HOUSEHOLD IRON. Hot coals were placed inside the iron's ember box. The heat shield below the handle has a swastika. GRAVY BOWL. "Lucky Set" china by the Sebring Pottery Company in Ohio. The swastika was considered a lucky charm in the pre-Nazi 1920s in the U.S.

    The swastika was incorporated into everyday life as a reminder of the benefits being provided by National Socialism.

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