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NSDAP Rise to Power
German 1923 Inflation
German Elections
Greater German Reich
Berlin Olympics 1936
Munich Conference
Fall of France
Battle of Britain
Battle for the North Atlantic
Occupation of Europe
War in North Africa
Russian Front
America at War
German Home Front
Allied Air Campaign
Liberation of Europe
Fall of Berlin
Nuremberg War Trials



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Selected Exhibits

   Selected Exhibits
   1. NSDAP Rise to Power
   2. Berlin Olympics 1936
   3. Hitler Youth
   4. Winterhilfswerk
   5. Battle of Britain
   6. German Home Front
   7. America at War
   8. Russian Front
   9. Holocaust
   10. Liberation of Europe

On the following web pages are selected items from within ten of the Historical Trust's exhibits. You will find a wide assortment of items that explain the major events of this era. These artifacts represent only a small number of the total collection.

The item labels and historical narrative provide the background information to better understand the item's historical context. Through the use of this graphic narrative the events and conditions of every day life are on display.


The Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section or Brown Shirts) was formed in 1921 by Adolf Hitler as his own private army. The SA protected Hitler, provided protection at party rally's from communist attacks, and they disrupted the meetings of political opponents. Between January 1933 and June 1934 the SA mushroomed from half a million members to four and a half million.

The following posters are examples of using visual images to characterize one's adversaries. The modern use of propaganda came of age during this period and propaganda became a vital element of the war effort. The following posters are representative examples of German and American propaganda posters showing a negative view of the others cultures.

GERMAN ANTI AMERICAN PROPAGANDA POSTER XIII "THE GANGSTERS". This poster is part of a collection from an American World War II veteran's estate. The posters portray America as being racist, violent, imperialistic, in economic ruin, and run by the Jews.

On the bottom of the poster is printed "Teaching material from the offices of Rosenberg to be displayed in schools" circa 1942. Alfred Rosenberg joined the party in January 1919, nine months before Hilter, and became the editor of the party newspaper, Völkischer Beobachter. In 1940, he was made head of the Hohe Schule (high school) the Centre of National Socialistic Ideological and Educational Research. Rosenberg was hanged at Nuremberg for war crimes.

This poster has pictures and captions of the most famous American gangsters, bank robbers, and killers:

Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Legs Diamond, and Dutch Schultz.

The Historical Trust has nine posters from this series which includes some of the following titles:
  • IX   The Social Question in the US
  • X   The Negro Question
  • XV   The Jews and Roosevelt
America also used propaganda posters to advance it's cause. Additional examples of American propaganda posters are exhibited on our America at War web page.

AMERICAN ANTI GERMAN POSTER "KEEP OUR SCHOOLS OUR WAY....BUY MORE BONDS". In the following poster the German is shown as a brutish lout with cruel intentions. He is carrying a whip and the boy at the blackboard is crying as he writes "Heil Hitler".

A statement on the back page of the poster reads "The painting reproduced on the cover of this folder is the work of Marion Greenwood and is presented to the Nation by Abbot Laboratories as a contribution to the War Effort. Physicians may wish to display this war poster upon their office or reception room walls."

BUY MORE BONDS The text advertises "Tincture Metaphen 1:200", by Abbott Laboratories, and it was used to protect hospital patients from infection.

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